Villeneuve Lez Avignon

Je Suis Francais

There are some who will say now is not the time to visit France. This is not so. Now is the time to visit France. To stand in solidarity with those who have egregiously suffered from acts against humanity. As photographers we do so by creating life-affirming photographs.I will be photographing Southern France in May. […]

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Photographs by Dan Winters

42 Movies

This article was posted on my Facebook page, “40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch.” It’s a great list and I’m looking forward to seeing the ones I’ve missed. Missing from the list is one of my personal favorite dramatic films, “Smoke,” starring Harvey Keitel. Another film not on the list that I like […]

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Festival del Fuego

Festival del Fuego (Festival of Fire for those who don’t read Spanish) is a week-long celebration of Afro-Cuban culture that takes place each July in Santiago de Cuba. You won’t see anything like this in staid Havana. Even if you’ve been to Cuba on numerous occasions you owe it to yourself to witness and photograph […]

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Av. Neptuno, Havana Centro, Cuba

Why You Don’t Want to Travel to Cuba Now

Since about 1997 one of the only things that has kept Cuba from collapsing economically has been the tourist trade (that and oil subsidies from Venezuela which were reduced after Caesar Chavez died). Even so, due to the U.S. embargo the total amount of tourism has not been enough to make ends meet. Since January […]

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Settled by the foothills of Sierra Escambray, the colonial city of Trinidad has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988. 
Unseen Cuba, © Marius Jovaisa

Unseen Cuba

Here is a link to an article entitled “Unseen Cuba” about amazingly beautiful photos by Lithuanian aerial photographer and publisher Marius Jovaiša. If you’re not yet excited about visiting Cuba perhaps this will get your juices flowing. I look forward to seeing some of you in December (no time at all), and the rest in […]

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10% off Inkjet papers

Greetings, All. Many of you are familiar with Freestyle Photographic Sales from darkroom days. Founded in 1946, Freestyle it built its reputation supplying discounted film, paper, and darkroom supplies to photographers and schools. It is also known for importing world-class materials that you could not buy in the U.S., such as Mitsubishi and Oriental Seagull […]

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French Alps

Southern France Poll

Greetings, All.I would like to ask for your assistance. I am planning a workshop to Southern France in May 2016 and can’t decide if it should be in the French Alps and Provence, or Provence and the Languedoc. I have created two possible itineraries. TheFrench/Provence trip will be 10 days, more structured, and visit more […]

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Digital Photo Assignments

Digital Photo Assignments, my new book published by Focal Press, will be released on August 26. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon using this short link: Photo Assignments is based on my experiences teaching at OSU. I adapted assignments from 32 years of teaching workshops, came up with a few new ones, and asked […]

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Historic Moment

Greetings, All. This is an historic moment. No, President Obama isn’t lunching on the Malecón with Prime Minister Merkel. It’s more historic than that. This is my first blog post, on Cuba or any other topic. You can tell your great grandchildren, “I … I was there, that day when Anchell first blogged.” You can […]

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